Healthier Worksites

18 May

May 19th is National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Worksite wellness programming benefits both employees and employers. Participating employees report decreased stress levels, improved self-esteem and physical fitness, and reduction in the physical and mental impact of chronic health problems such as diabetes, chronic back pain and headaches. Employers benefit from enhanced employee productivity, reduction in absenteeism and decreases in health care costs.


Do you want to take steps to make your workplace healthier?  The National Human Resources Association gives these tips:

Talk to the Right Person: If you work at a large corporation, you may have a human resources specialist assigned to your division.  If not, ask your office manager who the correct contact is.  Then e-mail the representative to request a short meeting.

Ask Around: Take an informal survey of your co-workers to find out what healthy-workplace incentives they are interested in.  You wouldn’t want to persuade HR to install a gym only to find out that your colleagues have no interest in working out at the office.  


Make It Easy:  Go to the meeting armed with a memo.  Include a list of fees associated with  your proposal, extra insurance costs (if any), and legal release forms.  The more work you do up front, the more likely it is your idea will be well received by your employer. 

For more simple ways to incorporate wellness into your workday visit  America on the Move.

If you want professional help implementing a Work Wellness Program please visit  M & M Fitness now offers Corporate Fitness Programs.   

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