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Spring Cleaning

20 Apr

1193877_75283702 It’s that time of year when we start thinking about sprucing up our homes and toning up our bodies. 

Here’s a look at how much energy you burn during one hour of some popular Spring cleaning activities.  The numbers are based on a 140-pound woman.  If you weigh more, you’ll burn more; if you weigh less you’ll burn less. 

Activity Calories Burned
Baking 159
Cleaning the Garage 255
Cleaning the House 159
Food prep, Cooking, and Table setting 159
Gardening 318
Ironing 153
Mowing the Lawn (push mower) 350
Painting (interior) 191
Redecorating and Moving furniture 382
Vacuuming 159
Washing the Car 254
Washing the Dishes 153

Inaugural Blog!

15 Mar

Welcome to Mel’s Fitness Blog.  My name is Melanie Menser and I’m a certified personal fitness trainer serving the busy women of Western Kentucky.  I created M & M Fitness, my in-home personal training business in 2004.  Please visit the M & M Fitness website, for more information on the services and programs I offer.  I hope this site becomes a useful tool for all women trying to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle.  Some helpful posts to look forward to:

Move of the Month

Friday’s Fitness tip

Motivational Mondays

Fitness Equipment Reviews

With Spring right upon us, my first couple of posts will discuss getting outside and walking in the fresh sunshine (hopefully) and some inside options for when the weather does not cooperate (this is Kentucky afterall).  Most of my posts will deal with topics unique to the women of Western Kentucky, however I hope the information proves useful for any who visit this blog.  Please be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can receive all the new posts.  And if you have a fitness question or topic you would like me to discuss please leave a comment or contact me at .

Stay Well and Be Fit,